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"The HBACA enthusiastically endorses Jason Beck for Peoria Mayor. Jason has a clear vision for growing Peoria's economy and providing much needed housing for the West Valley. As a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Jason has the skills and tenacity to execute this plan. We are excited to work with him to build a thriving Peoria."
"It is an honor to endorse Jason Beck for city of Peoria Mayor. As a veteran and a long-time partner in the business of protecting law enforcement, he understands what it takes to keep officers safe. he also knows what it takes to protect the citizens of Peoria. Although the fentanyl epidemic starts at the border, as Mayor, Jason knows the importance of working together to address this deadly threat to our children."
"As someone who worked as a leader in government in Arizona and in Washington D.C., I have seen the impact of leadership on our state and nation. Peoria is my home and we are blessed to have a leader like Jason Beck running for Mayor. He has a servant heart, and will work tirelessly to help Peoria Realize its Full Potential."
"City government best serves the people when it has the heart of public service and the efficiency of a business serving its customers. Jason Beck has both the heart to be a caring Mayor, and the business skills to get Peoria working faster, more efficiently, and more effectively for the citizens he serves. That’s why he has my endorsement for Mayor of Peoria!"
"Jason Beck exemplifies the greatness of America. As a businessman, not a politician, Jason knows how to take a vision and turn it into a reality. His ideas to innovate and grow Peoria from expanding the city’s economy, to investing in our children’s education, to enhancing the safety of our city, are exciting and refreshing. Jason sees Peoria as a city where my grandchildren can work, live and play and be proud to call it home."
"Jason Beck will not only protect the taxpayer’s best interests, but Jason will make Peoria a more livable city by protecting neighborhoods and funding public safety. Please join me in supporting someone who knows what it takes to put citizen’s interests first. Please join me in supporting Jason Beck as Peoria’s new Mayor."
“Public safety is part of the backbone for a strong thriving community. Jason Beck has always been a supporter of public safety and continues to do so, he also has a plan for the future growth and development of Peoria and that is why we support Jason Beck for Mayor.”
“Jason Beck has always been a supporter of public safety. His background in the military as a USMC personal combat tactics Instructor and his current business of protecting police officers through innovative design and development of body armor gives him unique understanding of what police officers need. He also understands what the community needs from their police. This is why the Arizona Police Association (APA) joins the City of Peoria Police Supervisors (COPPS) and the Peoria Police Officers Association (PPOA) in proudly endorsing Jason Beck for Mayor of the City of Peoria!"
“On behalf of the Peoria Police Officers Association (PPOA) we are honored to endorse Jason Beck for Mayor of Peoria. With members dedicated to the law enforcement profession; we believe in community service, excellence in public service, and commitment to the city of Peoria. Jason Beck truly believes in economic growth, is committed to public safety as a top priority, and is committed to the education of our youth. As the largest private employer in our city, Jason Beck is the only candidate that has a strong vision to strengthen the development of Peoria. Jason wants to realize the full potential of Peoria.”
“I am so pleased to endorse Jason Beck for Mayor of Peoria. After speaking with owners of hundreds of businesses in Peoria these past 2 years, one central theme prevails: ‘It is challenging to start, own and operate a business in Peoria.’ Jason's success as a business owner, positions him well to understand and overcome these challenges. His pro-business approach to education, job growth and economic development will build a business community like no other in Arizona. Jason is a leader you want to follow. He listens and speaks to "all perspectives" with respect, kindness and not from a position of power, rather one of humility but with a determined vision for our future. Jason's brand of leadership would be an asset to our great community of Peoria."
“On behalf of AFSCME Peoria Local 3282, we are honored to endorse Jason Beck for Mayor of Peoria. With members in hundreds of different occupations, we believe in fairness in the workplace, excellence in public services, and prosperity and opportunity for all working families. Jason Beck truly understands the value of the services AFSCME members provide, and has a long, proven track record of supporting employees and his community. It is time for new, bold, forward thinking, and open leadership in Peoria. Jason Beck is the only candidate that has a strong vision and plan for Peoria that will bring real progress to our city. Jason embraces the importance of being a Mayor for all, not just a select few. There’s no one we trust more as Mayor of Peoria than Jason Beck"
“Jason Beck is a businessman with a great vision for the city of Peoria, and his business accomplishments proves he also has the ability to accomplish that vision. Jason has built and leads an extremely successful business in Peoria and will use those same skills to make Peoria both a more prosperous and safer place for all of us. After getting to know him, I am confident he is the right person for the job. That is why I fully support Jason Beck to be the next Mayor of Peoria."
“In getting to know Jason Beck, what stands out to me is his integrity and commitment to servant leadership. He has a firm grasp on the big picture and anticipates what is needed when it comes to key issues including fiscal responsibility, public safety, education, transportation and equally as important economic and workforce development of which he has a proven track record as a successful business owner. For these reasons, I endorse Jason Beck for Mayor.”
"Jason Beck wants to bring real-world ideas and successful business practices to Peoria's city government. That's a big part of why I ran for Glendale Mayor nine years ago. My daughter and son-in-law live in Peoria and I know he will make a positive difference for Peoria's citizens. I support Jason Beck for Mayor because he has a can-do attitude and a servant leader's heart."
“I am happy to support Jason Beck for Peoria Mayor. The things that matter most to me in a leader are boldness, courage, character, and leadership. Jason has demonstrated these traits as a business leader and veteran. Jason listens, reaches out, and has provided opportunity for the people in his community. I have no doubt that Jason will do the same for ALL of Peoria's diverse citizens as Mayor.”
“Jason Beck brings an energized entrepreneurial perspective to Peoria, and he knows spreading prosperity within our community will require a skilled workforce that attracts high-paying jobs… I believe Jason Beck is the best choice for Mayor of Peoria.”
“As a former Mayor who started public service in local government, I know what it takes to be successful. That's why I'm endorsing Jason Beck for Peoria Mayor. Jason is a servant leader who believes in fiscal responsibility, and will stand for Public Safety. Jason has built a business that has not only created quality jobs in Peoria but his team makes body armor to protect our police officers. With increases in crime, we need elected leaders who support the police and have real expertise in public safety. Jason is that leader!”
"Jason Beck is a true servant leader. Using his vast business knowledge, Jason has designed a growth plan for Peoria, Arizona that is both realistic and optimistic. As the architect, he not only believes in his plan, but he has the ability to articulate it in a way that convinces others to join the team. I am so excited to be a part of this team. How refreshing it is to watch a natural born leader serve with no hidden personal agenda nor appetite for status. Instead, Jason simply desires to see his community grow to its full potential. I can stand with Jason Beck."
“I am endorsing Jason Beck for Mayor of Peoria. Jason brings a concrete, vetted vision, and long-term plan to take Peoria to the next level. His real-world business experience and leadership will make Peoria a leader in the region and an economic powerhouse. If Peoria is to realize its full potential, we need Jason Beck as our next Mayor!”
Economic Development
"Jason Beck is the man with a plan. He is a true patriot and public servant. He is a veteran, a wonderful husband and father, a self- made and extremely successful businessman, and he loves this Country, Arizona and the City of Peoria. His extensive knowledge will deliver much needed change and accountability to our City of Peoria. Jason is the real deal and Peoria WILL reach its full potential under his leadership!"
Public Safety
"All his life, Jason Beck has been in the business of protecting and serving people, as a U.S. Marine and as a businessman producing lifesaving equipment for military and law enforcement personnel. He built a business for the ground up that has become one of the largest employers in the City of Peoria. Now it’s time for him to take that same commitment and drive to make the City of Peoria realize its fullest potential both, as a safe city and an economic powerhouse. As a lifelong law enforcement officer, and veteran myself, I fully support Jason Beck for City of Peoria Mayor!"
“As the founder and owner of Arizona’s largest locally owned fitness centers, Mountainside Fitness, I am proud to endorse Jason Beck as Peoria’s next Mayor. As the founder and CEO of one of Peoria’s largest employers, Jason Beck is a successful businessman and, very importantly, a proven leader. His priorities of education, economic development, and public safety are exactly what Peoria desperately needs. Jason Beck is the only candidate that has a vision and plan for the City’s future, and coupled with his commitment to the community make him the best choice for moving Peoria forward, and realizing Peoria’s full potential.”
"Peoria needs a Mayor who will build a strong economy while protecting taxpayers. That's why I endorse Jason Beck. He has spent his life putting people to work and he'll do the same thing for Peoria."
Co-Chair, Education
"Jason Beck has made education a centerpiece of his plans to improve Peoria. He wants to make sure that every child in Peoria has access to quality school options. That is a big part of why I’m supporting him for Mayor and why every parent should vote for Jason Beck”
“We need Jason Beck as our next Peoria Mayor. Jason and his wife Jane are personal friends. I have seen how they are devoted to faith, family, freedom, and community. We are lucky to have a proven business leader and job creator that wants to step up and run for office. Jason's career and personal efforts have protected the lives of our police and military and have provided tax revenue and jobs right here in our community. As Mayor, Jason will strengthen public safety, and help Peoria Realize Its Full Potential. Join me in supporting Jason Beck for Peoria Mayor!”
“I fully endorse Jason Beck for Mayor of Peoria. Cities that lead in sustainable, economic prosperity have leaders that see the big picture, anticipate the future, and innovate accordingly. Jason Beck is one of those leaders. He has a proven track record of real innovation and job creation. He is the leader that Peoria needs right now."
“We are pleased to endorse Jason Beck as Peoria’s next Mayor. Jason’s faith, business background, humble roots, character, and proven leadership simply make him the right choice for Mayor of Peoria. As a further testament to our endorsement, with Jason Beck as Peoria’s Mayor, Vintage Partners will return to Peoria, bringing significant investment to Peoria’s Old Town. Our masterplan and vibrant development not only celebrates the local heritage but also creates a destination that all of Peoria can be proud of. Vintage Partners’ joins the business community that trusts, and strongly supports, Jason Beck as Mayor.”
“I'm endorsing Jason Beck for Mayor of Peoria. Jason is the change we need and has the background and experience to bring targeted and relevant growth to Peoria. Jason lives in the North but has invested heavily in the South creating hundreds of jobs. He is a man of integrity and is a proven leader who will ensure public health and safety is funded. A vote for Jason is a vote for lifting up all of Peoria!”

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