New Vistancia High School “NO BOND REQUIRED” and “NO NEW TAXES”
Educational Grant Programs direct to Teachers “NO BOND REQUIRED” and “NO NEW TAXES”
Economic Development
City Owned Airport that will create thousands of jobs and billions in economic impact right here in Peoria.
Creation of Economic Engines placed strategically around the City to drive revenue and advance all areas of our City.
Creation of Culture that is not only Pro Business but moves at the speed and efficiency of business.
Streamline Permitting by ensuring we have adequate staffing and resources.
Public Safety (First Responders)
Committed to Ensuring our First Responders have Adequate Resources
Committed to Ensuring our First Responders are Fully Staffed
Committed to Decreasing Response Times
Commitment to Decreasing Crime in our City
Commitment to Ensure our First Responders receive Full and Proper Training
Commitment to a World Class, Peoria Public Safety Training Facility, to meet current and future training needs of the region’s First Responders.

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